Culture KIDS

Culture KIDS brings together initiatives dedicated to children. Activities that stimulate children's creativity and imagination: starting from the contents of the museums they can play or express themselves by telling their collections through their eyes.

Alice Cascherina esplora la Villa di Massenzio


In this video it is possible to explore the Villa of Maxentius from a distance through a short narration of text and images and to listen to one of the tales of Alice Cascherina by Gianni Rodari, taken from the collection Favole al Telefono, in the voice of Michela Cesaretti. The children, stimulated by the narrations, can rework the story they have heard through the production of drawings and the creation of new stories. Organised by Ersilia Maria Loreti and Francesca Romana Cappa. Reading is a right that helps us become citizens: by living the stories we are told we can imagine the world we want to build. The adventures of Alice Cascherina offer children the opportunity to look at the world from a new point of view. Rodari's irony and paradox are an antidote to children's fears and a tool for dealing with the unexpected. Re-elaborating the narrative, constructing a drawing or a choral story, reverses roles and allows children to be authors by telling and/or representing their own value system.